Friday, January 09, 2015

Cha Cha Changes

Hey there! Welcome to 2015.. I can NOT stay I'm sorry 2014 is gone!!! Whew fresh air!

Big changes coming around. First D and I are down sizing to a one bedroom apartment.  Peep and Lil Man are moving in with her finance' - yep fiance'. Three huge changes right there!

This ended up happening way before I thought it would. I honestly thought that I had until late this spring.. Nope,  surprise - lease is up late this winter. So we spent last weekend looking for a new place (and wedding dress shopping) and well I hate ALL the apartments. So, we are staying in the same complex just downsizing.

Which means this weekend is a cleaning purging weekend. I have things that I am finally ready to part with so off to Goodwill they go. I am also getting started on deep cleaning the current place so that move out cleaning won't be so bad.  I will miss the place - it has some upgraded features the other building doesn't have, but I am also looking forward to the next chapter.

5 years ago D and I had a one bedroom apartment, and honestly we had the best time. Cleaning was a breeze which freed up time to go hang with friends, play scrabble. Life was a little less rushed and hectic - I am really looking forward to that! It fits right in with one of my goals of simplifying, not being quite so rushed and frazzled.

Now to just get things tossed, donated or packed.. Anyone want to come do the heavy lifting???

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  1. We're downsizing to a smaller place too this Spring. I too look forward to the less cleaning!


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