Tuesday, December 23, 2014

2014 In Review

Honestly I will be glad when 2014 gets the boot in the ass..  it wasn't ALL bad but 2014 by far, is going down in the history books of our life as one of the most trying.

This year saw a lot of big milestones, our 10 year wedding anniversary, my 40th birthday, the 5 year anniversary of my fathers passing. My nieces first birthday. Every day brings something new Lil Man can do or say.  He never fails to crack me up. Lately he tells everyone he can see their tukus. Something I said to him as he was streaking down the hall after a bath!  The other night I told him it was bedtime - he promptly said "No thank you" and when I insisted it was in fact his bedtime - he put me in time out!

2014 is also the year of the "plot twists" in our journey of this life. D was unemployed for awhile then totally changed career fields after 14 year of banking. Peep and Lil Man moved in with us. That itself is a reality show in the makings.  I will say I have now been in both sets of shoes. The adult child moving back home and the parent having her adult child move home. Don't care who is wearing the shoes - it all sucks.

This year I learned who the people I could count on were, who I could lean on when I just needed a moment and those who I just can't. I learned who in my life really really wanted to see me do well and who just wanted to have ring side seats for a really hard year in my life.

No matter what there will always be someone who delights in just piling more on when you are clearly ready to crack, cloaking it in "keeping it real, telling you how it is". Truth of the matter is when you are down, and that is the moment they choose to pop up and say well what about me, and start to air grievances that they have with you as a person or how you are functioning in that moment, then get pissed when you get upset is the moment their tickets need cancelled.

Some good things happened as well, I received a promotion at work and had my 4th anniversary with the company. The company is growing by leaps and bounds and it looks as though we have a really good team assembled now. D is now working for a good company with potential to move up in the ranks.  He no longer comes home daily upset about work and his boss.  Sunday nights, while still not a favorite are no longer dreaded.  My back finally seems to be on the mend.  I am hoping that really is the case and I can get back to the gym.

Starting tomorrow afternoon I am on vacation for the last week of 2014. I for one see it as a hard earned vacation, I am hoping to get some rest, workout, laugh some and catch up with friends who have been patiently waiting for my life to slow down some.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday - no matter what you celebrate, do it with the ones you love. Stop and take everything in for a second. Who know what changes tomorrow will bring you.

I'll leave you with my end of the year favorite songs - pretty much all Maroon 5's newest album right now.. Right now that is my absolute favorite album - its on continuous repeat in my car and office..

Unkiss Me by Maroon 5 on Grooveshark

Sex and Candy by Maroon 5 on Grooveshark

Lost Stars  by Maroon 5 on Grooveshark

Feelings by Maroon 5 on Grooveshark

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