Monday, December 15, 2014

Dude Where'd my Week Go?

Last week was a strange week. Coming out of the weekend and our company Christmas party half the company got food poisoning. So last week was spent with 4 of us up and working while the rest of the company wondered what evil got a hold of them .

Thursday night D and I went to the Mythbuster Behind the Myth show. I grabbed tickets about 5 months ago as a Christmas present for him. If you get a chance to see the show and science is your thing don't hesitate just GO it was an awesome show and possibly a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Before the show we hit up Flying Saucers for dinner and drinks - its a German pub tucked in a corner of downtown.  Neither of us had heard of it before - and D's a native so that sucker is hidden well. I get why. The regulars  probably don't want to lose "their" bar. Its a neat little place with some great craft beer and food. I can't wait to go back and try some of their bratwurst platters!

Friday I had taken the day off from work - most of the day I hung out with the cutest lil boy in the world. I did run a few errands the few hours he was with his Great Grandma but most of the day we snuggled down on the couch and watch Christmas Specials on NickJr all day.

The weekend was pretty much just hanging with Lil Man..  Saturday evening he hung out with Craig and D and I had dinner and hung out with friends until it was time to pick up Peep from work at 1 am. Sunday we took him for lunch at Burger King then over to the mall to the play area and Zonkers to ride the train. Unfortunately Sunday evening we had a short stop at the local ER.

Leaving the mall Lil Man did NOT want to go so he did the toddler thing and decided to just go limp as Papaw and I had his hands crossing the parking lot. He ended up with whats called Nursemaid's Elbow. The Doctor at the Er was beyond fab. He actually came out to the waiting room popped his arm back into place. Lil Man then high fived him and said "wow I feels all betters now". It was instant. The doctor then said I will have them take you out of the system like you were never here Merry Christmas..

We then hit Cold Stone Creamery for ice cream for dinner, because well an ER visit of course!!!

A few weekend pics!

Friday night - I rarely wear lipstick much less red..

The train he did NOT want to leave

Ahhh all betters - even more so with a chocolate dipped waffle bowl!

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