Monday, July 21, 2014

Summer Ramblings

Blogging during the summer is pretty much hit or miss for most bloggers. Kids are out of school, vacations, even with more day light it seems you have less time.. You don't really, your just cramming in as much sun fun-time as possible to hold you over in the dark cold winter months..

I don't have small children at home - mine is 22 - but I am still trying to cram it all in there! Winters here while are not as brutal as in some states they are brutal enough for me! Plus Summer is my favorite season, for the most part. I do have some memory triggering issues that Summer brings around, but as far as picking a season Summers it for me.

I love wearing tank tops, shorts and sandals or better yet bare feet as opposed to boots, jeans and sweaters. I love that its still light out at 9 p.m feeling the evening just starting to cool off, the frogs at the pond starting their nightly sing song croaking. I like, no I love, just being.  I love the mist the pavement gives off when a light rain starts, the smell of a storm in the warmer months, the feeling of getting caught out in the rain when its warm and feels like a shower instead of bone chilling rain.

Dinner tossed on the grill real quick, a nice rib eye grilled up to a nice medium tossed on a plate with a salad fresh from the farmers market, strawberry short cake for dessert and drive way conversions with friends as you catch up on life. It always amazes me how Summer is both busy and lazy. Seems there isn't enough time but the best memories are made in lawn chairs and evening conversations with friends watching all the kids run, squeal and play.

Evening drives with the windows down, music playing and taking in what your city has to over. The things you're usually speeding right by not noticing. Wonderful conversations can be found on those drives as well, grab a coffee or tea and your spouse and just take a spin. Crank the tunes or talk about old times and future dreams.

I may not be around blogging much right now, I am out taking it all in and making memories.. I hope you are enjoying your fast, lazy Summer as well!

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