Monday, July 07, 2014

Holiday Weekend Wrap Up

Whats that saying, The first 5 days back after a weekend are the hardest?? - Seriously though I did NOT want to climb out of bed when the alarm went off at 6 this morning..

We had a good 4th - just chilling with the family.. Grilling out at my sister in laws seeing friends we hadn't seen for a while and just generally sitting around talking, eating and well blowing shit up ;-).  We got home around 11 and I was not ready to sleep yet so I stayed up with the DVR. About 2 am I was ready and then some asshole pulls the fire alarm for the building. Took 20 minutes to get it shut off. By then thoughts of sleep were long gone and I didn't hit the pillow until almost 4:30 am.

Saturday was a lazy day  D went to a friends that evening for the UFC fight and I watched the rest of the stored programs on the DVR and read.

Sunday Peep and her boyfriend came over for dinner - I honestly wanted a LOT more info about them moving in together.. Yep shes an adult I do not care - I am gonna ask what I want to ask until I am satisfied with the answer. She may do the same with her child..

I have pretty much come to the conclusion this will be a culture shock for her. She thinks shes got small town living down from when she was in ND. This tiny town's total populous sits at 300. TOTAL! Should be interesting.

Lil Man is sporting a new hair cut - I can't get over how grown up he looks..

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