Tuesday, September 02, 2014

And With That Summer Was Gone..... and an Explanation...

I can not believe Summer is over already - well the last official weekend of Summer anyhow. My facebook feed is packed with "thank goodness Fall is coming" - one person even put up the official count of 22 days or something like that... BLECK.

No I don't care that Starbucks now has Pumpkin Spice Lattes back or that soon the trees will be turning and the Holiday season is around the corner.. Sorry not sorry I am a tank and flips sorta gal so I dread - just dread colder weather. Two things I like about fall - scarfs - and if I can wear them with a tank and maxi all the better and darker nail polish! Cute boots used to be on this list, but I could NOT find ones I really like the past 2 years so we are in fight.

 Yes, I did hit the dark nail polish already.. Thought I have been known to rock it in July as well. Just when September hits no one looks at you funny.  I will also admit to wearing some new sweats, they are super soft yet not real heavy and were perfect when the thunder storm hit and I got a little chilled.

So I have been MIA for about 5 weeks or so, I had a lot going on, there were a TON of changes going on in my life. My daughter and grandbaby have moved in with D and I. That has been an adjustment. A HUGE adjustment.  So at the moment I am trying to get into a somewhat normal pace.

I also wanted to catch my breath and figure out if I wanted to continue blogging. I have been blogging off and on since 2005 - that is a long fricken time..

In the beginning I think I had 3 readers total so this blog was really just a digital journal for my eyes only. I threw everything on here and censored nothing.  I still don't really censor anything but I do keep in mind when I am posting that I have more than 3 readers now and that tossing everything out there like a WWE match is probably not the best idea. I have also taken some posts down that were published in that particular format.

I came to the conclusion that I like blogging actually and that there may not be a rhyme or reason to what I put up or how and that is fine, its what makes it mine. So what if I do a 2 week stint of random posts or my titles don't match any of my content. Last time I checked I am pretty fricken quirky any way ;-)!

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  1. I went with a dark toe nail polish for my last pedicure but I really don't want summer to end!

    1. Me either - if we ignore it maybe it won't happen! Or we will be the only two crazy chicks in shorts and flips when its snowing out LOL..


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