Monday, September 15, 2014

Photo Dump ...

This weekend was pretty laid back.. I darkened my hair - jury is still out on what I think... That color is medium brown by the way... umm hmmm.. The top picture was Friday night, the darker color Saturday morning..

Ran and grabbed dinner at my favorite hot dog place, New York Dawg Pound - they added a store front at the food court at the mall - so that location is really convenient now.

Made homemade jambalaya Saturday, pretty much ate off that the rest of the weekend LOL. I replaced my Travel coffee cup, the old one was looking pretty bad. It is my fault for putting it it the dish washer..

Sunday I relaxed with Raz and watched the Kings Speech on Netflix while just lounging in bed. Finally getting a TV in the bedroom is a sanity saver. The living room TV generally has Dora or Bubble Guppies playing on it since Lil Man and his mom are living with us. Which is fine until the 3rd or 4th hour when it repeats LOL..

Then there is the outfit of the day/progress photo - which doesn't look much different than one I posted about 7 weeks ago.. Simply because I screwed up my back so bad I have not been able to work out, some days even walk, in 7 weeks..

Do not even get me started on the wonders of a memory foam bed.. Its fine in the winter when its cold out. The bed warms up enough with body heat and yet still supports.. In the summer when its hot and humid - it warms up so much that there is no support left and I end up with my back out for 3 months.. That fucking thing is GONE by next Spring..

The last 2 are Monday morning pics, with the final one being my Monday morning spreadsheet pic... Gotta love excel!

Have a Monday!!!

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