Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wednesday Confessional

The ragey chapter....

Seasonal "bucket lists" make me ragey. A bucket list is supposed to be the major things you want to accomplish before you pass on. I am pretty fucking sure "wear boots and layers while drinking a pumpkin spice latte isn't the the biggest you can dream.  If it is, holy hell you need to get out more.

Sorry sweets "wear boots and layers" is a to do list - not a bucket list. Bucket lists are for things like sky dive naked. See the difference?? Good now stop posting stupid shit on a "bucket list".

I am also tired of the whole pumpkin spice movement.. Good night nurse. I like a good pumpkin bar as much as the next person but these days everyone is on overload with that shit.

People who can't tell me why their product is LIKE THE BEST THING EVER - umm okay why.. they stumble and say um um it JUST IS. Nope, don't think so. If you can't tell me why your shit is the best, then its simply NOT.

Excuses, plain and simple stop making them. I'd rather hear a stupid reason on why you did or didn't do something, as long as its truthful over some lame made up reason any day. Hell, even "I didn't want to do it" is better than "Well, you see what happened was___________".

Speaking of that, own your own shit - stop blaming others .. OWN IT.  

The phrase "Real Women" - generally used in the context of real woman have ___ not ____. Unless you are referring to a blow up doll, shes a real woman!

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