Thursday, September 25, 2014

Shit I don't Understand

Honestly this week I am not understanding the whole "you owe me" mentality running around the blogging world this week.  Another big(ish) blogger has ended her marriage and the interweb forums and fans are all picking her apart for an explanation. Sure EVERYONE IS curious - its human nature. A phrase that got me though was "She owes us, shes shared everything else about that relationship publicly." Hmm aren't you just a special little snowflake , no one OWES you jack shit.

So what shes shared things publicly, of her choosing. So what you heard the story of how they got together. That does not make her - or them public domain. Stop slamming her.

What does anyone owe anyone really??  Honestly not freaking much.  You owe your partner and children dignity. Tossing out the hows, and why's of the break down of a marriage obliterates that dignity. That information is NOT public domain EVER.  

Being curious is normal. Badgering, demanding then bashing the person for not disclosing that information is NOT. Get a grip and think about how YOU would want to be treated if it was YOU going through a divorce in a semi public environment..

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