Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Still Busted up and Broken

Yep, yesterday's work out was to much. I ended the day on an ice pack and pain pills watching The Voice then the Black List and live tweeting them both... DAMNIT. Really tired of this. It gets very old and frustrating to move and suddenly have your back go out and pain hit so bad you end up on your knees trying to catch your breath.

Going to have to go way back to basics and just start with walking in the evenings until this back issue clears up. I just miss my yoga, kick boxing and lifting work outs dangit! I had to drop out of a 12 week challenge I was doing and that bums me out as well. One day at a time right..

This has just been a very slow process and I am stressed out in a big way. Generally when I am stressed I hit the workouts, but what do you do when the workouts hit back and your in to much pain to do them?? This is what I am trying to figure out. I have another appointment tomorrow and will ask my Doctor then what I can do, how to ease back in and what the best approach to take is...

When I am able to I have been walking laps around the parking lot at my office during breaks - this morning I saw this little fellow.. Checking me out as I was checking him out.. He sat there for a good 10 minutes before turning around, looking back at me and flying off..

Speaking of taking it back to basics - my first day of Fall (bleck) outfit. Even went old school with the Jackie O pearls... Everyones all oohhhh Fall, boots, sweaters, pumpkin spice and I am over here going damn I have to put on real shoes, like with socks and everything...

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