Wednesday, August 01, 2012

60 day Fit Challenge - Day 1

August 1st already - WOW

Last night I bought a new water bottle that is awesome and has been causing nerd envy all around. I find it easier to keep track of how much water I am drinking because I only need to count refills - this baby hold 25 oz per fill.

I also picked up an actual "bucket" of protein power and a blender bottle. Huge difference there as well from the Special K drinks.  This has a little over double the grams of protein in it, less sugar. The biggest difference - it kept me fuller!! I missed my morning snack because I didn't become hungry until noon - which is even a hour past when I eat lunch..

Tonight I will be hitting the 30 day shred as part of the 60 day challenge.  So I need to get measurements and new before pictures. I am thinking of printing out my motivation picture as well so I see it all the time..

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