Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The scales not moving much but the jeans certainly are

So the scale isn't moving a whole lot - but my jeans are! They are loser and a few pairs I can yank off without unbuttoning them!! I was getting discouraged however that the scale wasn't showing a difference - so I did what all fit campers do I tossed up side by side comparison pics - let me tell you it does make a difference to see pictures side by side. That tell me what I need to know - what I am doing IS working and to keep on keeping on. Ultimately my goal is to be toned and fit and to be in a size 8/10. I have ready picked out my present to me when I hit that goal.

Last night I stopped at Target and they had some of Jillian's DVD's on sale so I picked up 2 new ones Ripped in 30 and Extreme Shed & Shred - I think I will try the Extreme Shed & Shred tonight  so we will see how that goes.

Here are the progress picks .. the top set were taken Aug 1st when I started Fit Camp - and the bottom ones were taken Aug 20th when I ramped the Shred back up.

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