Monday, August 06, 2012

Monday Monday Monday

I'm sorry your just NOT my favorite day of the week - really its not you its me. Ok wait yeah its you, I'd really like you better if you were the 2nd Sunday in the week, but lets face it I can't make you what your not and you can't make me like you..

I usually take the weekends off from blogging & Facebook, other than mobile uploads or checks ins on FB. I look at a computer for about 10 hours a day everyday through the week so I try to not get on my laptop when I am off for the weekend. Which makes that photo a day thing hard to do because I am now 2 days behind and today's is due. I am thinking about just doing them randomly this way I like what I am doing and not making it a chore - so that's where today's picture is...

This weekend was a combination of rest and errands - it was a pretty good mix of the two so I felt like I accomplished things and got some R & R.  I like that mix - its when it goes to far one way or the other I feel bad about the weekend.

Sat I went and got a trim and then hit Kohl's for a few things I needed as I have already lost enough weight that some new things were warranted. My bra's had gotten to big - I was hoping to keep the girls as they were but reality snuck in there and it was not to be.  I am not a fan of gravity so in order to attempt to defie it  I try to make sure I have the proper fitting bras at all times.

Sunday I just really chilled around the house - watched some trash tv and worked out while D was out and Ms Peep and the baby were napping. I did attempt to make Pad Thai for dinner - it wasn't bad, but it wasn't anywhere near as good as when you go to a Thai place.  So maybe one of these cheat days we will hit the Thai place and I can get that out of my system...

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