Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Happy Anniversary Honey

9 years and what a ride... I promised you that you'd never be bored!!!

Yes that's me with dark hair Jackie O hair - why I thought that was a good idea for my wedding when I have always been blonde or red is beyond me... 

We have gone through so much over 9 years (12 really). Between us we have had 7 jobs, 4 moves, 4 vehicles, the illness and death of a parent, the death of a grandparent.  We have survived several road trips, the teen years, one seriously batshit crazy relative, we have a beyond gorgeous grandson. There have been several surgeries and major illnesses. We live most days with a smile and laugh. 

One day things maybe a bit calmer (lol whatever...) until then thank you for being the Ricky to my Lucy and always making me laugh. I love you honey.

(Our song for our first dance at the wedding)

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