Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wham Bam - Random Wednesday

The weather man promised Spring weather after yesterday's snow... WTF its the end of April - you can stick your snow.... yeah you get the picture, winter - over it.

High school cattiness from women never goes away and with the internet its more abundant as they can 'hide" behind silly screen names and an IP address - doesn't matter your still a bitch.

I unknowingly have been living under a rock in blogdom - I had no clue Dooce was getting divorced.. So sad - they seemed to really click and be the perfect lid/pot combo.

Got new specs - why is it the nose pads that always give me grief getting adjusted to.

I need to spring clean and take stuff to Goodwill.

Also thinking about totally revamping the blog.

I would really like to see P!nk when she comes to the Sprint Center in November.

Totally loving this song at the moment....

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  1. Ooo I really like the new glasses on you! Pretty!


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