Sunday, March 02, 2014

Newest Spam is cracking me up... A techie note...

Generally all my spam filters in the spam folder and I never see it. Occasionally I will go through it to see what is there especially if I am looking for a shipping notice or an answer to a question to an eBay seller I have emailed.

The trend of attaching malware and viruses to emails is on a sharp uptake recently and the emails that contain the attachments have taken a trickier tactic. In the past week I have received "funeral" notices for dear friends - though the friend is never named - from a funeral home and several "eviction" notices.

While I am sure there are some that would click the links or open the attachments contained in both emails - you need to look at the emails with a skeptical  eye before clicking anything in ANY email you receive and apply a little knowledge. Two things come to mind first when looking these over. One if a dear friend of your has passed I am certain that you would be notified by family or friends not a generic email. Two eviction notices are NEVER served by email from a real estate agent. They are posted to your door by the local sheriff or police department.

Here is the wording of the "eviction" notice, note the misspelling and the fact there is not a definite date on it for leaving the property. Judges sign eviction notices not your local Realtor.

Notice to vacate,

You are hereby notified that you must vacate your home within
a ten-days period since the date when this notice is received.
The bank has already foreclosed on your residential
property and you are a trespasser now.

In our turn we are kindly asking you
to contact us without delay and:
- To move out timely;
- Not to leave any of your belongings and trash;
- Not to leave the property dirty.

We hope for your cooperation. 
Please find out contact information
and the bank statement attached to this notice.

Real estate agency,
Alena Smith

Practice safe computing folks viruses are nasty and I have seen them take out an entire computer rendering it useless and nonfunctional requiring the user to purchase a new system as the old one ended up being badly damaged to the point where the motherboard was blown.

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