Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Where Have all the Panties Gone??

D and I went out with friends this past weekend.  Its been a LONG time since we have been to a club.  We had a blast and I will admit to getting "white girl wasted" hell I even danced some.We were celebrating 3 birthday's in the bunch.

I noticed something as the night went on - 20 something girls no longer wear underwear..  WTF. They do however wear short shirts and/or short see through skirts.  I ended up getting flashed by more bush than if I'd been on safari! I will say for some girls the 70's are back... Yeah let that sink in.

One corner of the dance floor had a platform that is lit from under the tiles, no big deal if you are wearing jeans or a thicker material. However if you decided spring was here and wore a lighter fabric and stepped up on the platform we saw everything your mama gave you.

At one point I did tell one of the girls who was dancing that we could see everything she had to offer. She looked mortified. Her friend however, needed popped in the mouth. As soon as I said "honey we can see everything you have when you are up there" her friend came back with "so what". By then I was a few drinks in and this particular club used big glasses and filled them full so my filter - what filter I do have - was obliterated. I smiled sweetly and added, you also need new friends, this one seems to think showing your lady bits off to 300 people is a good idea. With that I went back to my table.

We contemplated taking up a collection to buy those poor girls some panties and wondered where their panties had gone.. is this now the new norm commando all the time and pairing that with short see through outfits?? I'd like to say that it was an isolated incident but it was more the normal than the exception. There were a lot of people showing it all off. More than a few times someone would run up to the dance floor and pull some girls skirt back down because she was flashing the whole club.

Do we need to take up a collection for all these poor girls and get them some drawers??

A couple of pics from Saturday night..

Those pants are "goal" pants - they are the skinny cargo I have been wanting for a long time and just did NOT look good when I was heavier... I MAY have squealed in the dressing room when I put them on and they fit.

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