Monday, April 07, 2014

WOOOHOOO Its Monday!!!

Yes that is how I greet Mondays when I cam coming off of being on call!  Its not that being on call is a really major. It just stresses me out and you can't really do anything that week. I have stay near my phone at all times and near an internet connection within 10 minutes.  I did grab my laptop and head to a friends Saturday evening for awhile.

Anyone watch the ACM's last night?? I started to about an hour into the show and then my AT&T uverse box muted itself.  The only way to fix that is to reboot the damn thing and I couldn't do that while it was recording. So D played GTA5 and I read. Nothing like the sound of automatic weapons on a Sunday night LOL.

I have recently started a new eating plan, or method - that just sounds strange- called If It Fits in Your Macros. Good lord talk about turning everything you eat into a science fair presentation before you eat it LOL..  Its basically a break down of carbs, fat, and protein you eat anything you want as long as it fits into your macros.  Its the formula that a lot of the body builders use to tone up and lean out.

Honestly that is why I started looking into it. I want to focus on toning up.  I am not looking to get bulked up but toned. So I am trying this out along with lifting and shredding workouts. I connected with a IIFYM group for women and the lady who runs it gave me a break down on what I need to do, what I need to eat and a plan. So here goes!!

I did find out that I wasn't eating enough daily which is why nothing is really changing. WOW talk about an eye opener, generally you hear eat less move more.... Except if you are eating right around what your body burns daily just to function - then you add activity well you eff up your metabolism.  I never thought I would actually say this, but its not easy trying to eat all that daily!!! Sure if I go have a burger and fries I have hit my calorie goal but my macros are all screwed and later I will be hungry. The goal is to eat healthy nutritional foods - when you start doing that it feels like you're eating 24 7.

Goals for this week -

Get a better handle on the macro eating
Workout 4 times this week

What are YOUR goals for the week???

Not that this really fits todays post, except I did mention the ACM's - but I just saw this on line and I love it!!

Have a GREAT Monday!

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