Monday, April 14, 2014

The one with no title

This post is pretty much just going to be random. I have hit a wall with actual things to talk about.

I have been pretty busy - blarg haven't we all.

Saturday was gorgeous out so D and I grabbed the camera and went on a short hike- pics to come later in the week - they are still on the SD Card.

I have noticed lately when drama comes I just start shutting down. There has been so much of it - it's not even really not our drama but I absorb it and feel bad because I am in the middle and feel like the other 2 parties involved expect me to fix it - only I can't. Neither of them "see" anything but their point/position. I hate my phone ringing anymore.

It is time to update the look of the blog again - maybe that will help get things flowing. I have noticed a trend in the blogging community - lots of us have hit a wall recently.

I need a vacation no one knows I took therefor can't find me to bitch or ask favors of me.

I know when the phone rings that all they want is to complain or ask a favor so my response when I answer the phone isn't exactly warm and it shows then the caller is upset.

I have no idea how to change any of it...

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