Wednesday, April 23, 2014

20 Facts

I got tagged in a 20 facts post on instagram - honestly its just easier to do them here so I am :-). (except Camilla - can't stand her never will)

1. I am a huge fan of the Royal Family - always have been. I was living in Germany (Army brat) when Charles and Diana got married and that kicked off my interest. I have a huge rubbermaid tub of books, magazines and memorabilia of all things royal.

2. I have replicas of both Princess Diana's tiara's; the Spencer tiara and the Cambridge Love Knot.  I also have a gorgeous replica of Diana's engagement ring my husband bought me a few years ago for Christmas. Thankfully this one is made of real sapphires and gold and doesn't turn my finger green like the one I had as a teenager lol.

3.   I have a denim jacket I have worn for years. It was my dad's when he was a teenager which makes it 54 years old. I just can't bring myself to pack it away. I am currently wearing it with a maxi skirt.

4. I am 5'11

5. I love the idea of high heels I just can't wear them. I try every once in a while and then wonder what the hell I was thinking.

6. I am a fan of reality tv.

7. Drama queens drive me batty.

8. I took tap and ballet lessons when I was younger.

9. I was a Girl Scout until part way through my freshman year of high school.

10. Despite the above I arbor camping!

11. I am not a patient person.

12. I trust way to easy - until you hurt me, then I never fully trust again.

13. I get annoyed when people ask me to do something for them that they are more than capable of doing for themselves.

14. Laziness makes me ragey.

15. I hate beer, doesn't matter what kind, flavor I hate it.

16. I love to read.

17. I listen to all types of music and don't have a favorite genre but do have a favorite band - Bon Jovi.

18. I can't believe that the music I grew up on is now classified as classic WTF.

19. Don't tell me you are going to do something then just flake out - unless something major has come up that prevents you from following through it just pisses me off.

20. I love a good cheeseburger.

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