Wednesday, April 16, 2014

When did awesome customer service become rare??

Have you noticed that in general customer service has gone down hill in the last decade?  So much so that when you get good service your shocked?

I do want to state upfront this is NOT a sponsored post.

I ordered D's anniversary present on line this year from  Kinekt design and from the moment I submitted the order the customer service has been outstanding.  I received an email about 20 minutes after hitting submit on the website. I know its normal to get a confirmation email - however this was a personal email not generated.

The email was to inquire how I found the product, I emailed Rachel back and let her know the web search that brought me to their door and that it was for a 10 year anniversary present. She had emailed me back and gave congrats on our anniversary and a little history of how the company was started and some background  on the designer and the people behind the scenes. She also let me know about the exchange policy and the lifetime warranty.

Yesterday the ring was delivered (I had overnighted it), even though I had selected D's usual size, it was a big tight. The gear ring is wider than usual rings. So at 8:00 pm central time (9 pm their time) I had emailed Rachel and the returns address to let them know I did indeed need to exchange the ring but that D did love it and we were very happy with it.

30 minutes later I had another personal email from Rachael that they were thrilled D loved the ring and all the information that I needed to know in order to process an exchange. I honestly did not expect an answer back until today during normal business hours - I was floored to receive an email back at 8:30 at night and a personal one at that!

This has been one of the most pleasant on line shopping experiences I have had. I also will say its been a way better experience than I have ever had with big companies. One of which doesn't even ship for a full 5 to 10 days after you have ordered!

Kudos Kinekt Designs, I am a huge fan!

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