Thursday, May 29, 2014

One Day I'll Get it All Together ............ maybe!

Why is it so hard to get everything caught up when you have been gone for four days??  My inbox at work looks like I took a six week sabbatical!

Friday was my dental appointment in which I found out that despite the dental surgery and prep the implants were gonna be a no go. There is not enough depth for it. I won't do a sinus lift. I have to many issues in that department to entertain that though. If a sinus lift goes wrong it goes very wrong. So I am now looking at a bridge and all that $$ down the tubes womp womp..

Saturday Lil Man's mama had his 2nd birthday party... I still have a hard time processing the fact he is two now..

Tuesday we went to the zoo - he had a blast there.

Honestly I was a little glad to be back to the office on Wednesday, even with the overflowing email inbox, to get a chance to sit still for awhile LOL.I am looking forward to this Saturday night when the Cher concert is finally here!

Next week I am off to South Dakota for a work trip the beginning of the week and then the end of the week is a long weekend in which I am doing NOTHING but chilling at home watching Hulu and maybe getting a massage that is LONG over due.

And because I have not done this in a while...

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