Friday, May 02, 2014

Finally Friday - Faves and Funnies

and probably a few complaints too..

This week has been insane - If it could go wrong or break it did... That's about all I can say about that.  This week leaves behind a huge mass destruction of electronics..

On too favorite things.... I purchased the Pop Sugar must have box for April for one item only - ok the rest of the box ended up kickin ass too but I wanted one item and had a 50% off code for the box which made the whole box cheaper than purchasing the item...

This is the Two Face Natural Eyes pallet - I freaking LOVE this thing. All the colors are super pigmented and are interchangeable - you don't have to stick with the rows from left to right.  I pretty much stick to just neutral shades so this was a perfect addition to my makeup bag.

I am looking forward to the end of the month - we have Cher concert tickets - and apparently Cyndi Lauper is also performing... !!!! Insert middle school girl squeal here.

Here is my fave picture of the aquarium trip from last Saturday..

 Lil man loves "fishies" and had a blast. Almost to the point over being overwhelmed. We are planning another trip back when he is a bit older and its not so much for him to take in. 

Some funnies - which I am sure some have been on here before but this morning has gone bit a nuts so I haven't had the time to double check...

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  1. Love those colors :))
    Haha the starbucks one made me laugh!

  2. Thanks - I have serious love for that pallet - I will admit to already purchasing a backup from someone who did not want theirs..



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