Sunday, May 18, 2014

Weekend Odds and Ends ....

Hi there Sunday evening. Now that my stress level is coming back down to normal I don't dread Sunday nights as much.  Work is still uber busy however somethings have been rearranged so that I am no longer pulling oncall. That right there is a HUGE relief to me. Honestly the extra funds were nice but the stress I felt was not. So I have pulled back.

Friday night was a low key order pizza and play video games until 1 am. Its been awhile since I played Alice The Madness Returns - like almost a year - awhile. It was nice to eat to much and then go around breaking shit and killing bad guys. I need to play more often. Maybe then I can justify buying a pink controller ;-)

Saturday we pretty much just hung out at home until the evening when we headed out to friends to chill. Just about there when I get a text that my Lil Man wants his Nini - so my Daughter and grandbaby joined us. Our friends live across the street from my sister in law who happens to have a trampoline in her back yard. In an effort to entertain Lil Man I took him over there. Wanna feel old - jump with a 2 year old on the trampoline for an hour - shit you did NOT know you had will hurt when you climb down. I however had a freakin blast and he loved it. I have now decided he needs his own in my mothers back yard - she has one I don't or it would be in mine.

Sunday afternoon D and I hit 5 Guys Burgers and had the last over the top meal for awhile - Tomorrow its back to clean eating - actually Sunday's dinner was clean so there's that. I also had to run over to Ulta and get a new flat iron. My beloved Chi died. One of the heating elements in one plate went out. Apparently I have had mine longer than most. Its been 4 years and I guess they generally last 2 maybe 3.

This time I picked up a Hot Tools titanium iron that I have fallen in love with - I can control the heat and adjust as necessary. This thing gets up to 450 degrees. My Chi topped out at 392 and that was the set temp no matter what your hair texture is. It now makes sense to me why thin haired ladies do not like. My thick coarse curly hair needs the high temp. Though my stylist did inform me I was NOT to crank that bad boy up to 450. She will be happy to know that 400 does the job just fine..

Now to relax with some ice tea and a little reading...

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  1. OMG 5 Guys - YUMMMMM!! I can't tell you the last time I was on a trampoline - I think I'd break a body part that I hadn't used in awhile!

  2. I did spend a fair amount of time on the heating pad yesterday LOL

  3. Hmmm.. You could have gotten a Karmin G3 flat iron. It has pure ceramic and tourmaline plates so it won't damage your hair and it has variable heat settings and a great deal of features. Look it up and try to get it from a haircare retail website that ships for free. I got it off one of those but I honestly can't remember the name of the site!

  4. Thanks Mel! I will look into that!


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