Friday, June 06, 2014

Spring Voxbox 2014 - Labor Day

I received my Springfling Voxbox for the most part I am pretty impressed.. The Rimmel London Retroglam mascara hands down is my favorite. It doesn't flake, it comes off easy at the end of the day but wears well all day. Which honestly is the key factors for me when it comes to mascara. I have had some that flake and then when I attempt to remove it even with eye makeup remove remover part of my eyelashes come off with it.

The retroglam formula goes on easy and doesn't clump horrible - lets face it ALL mascaras clump going on. The key is will the lashes separate or will you have spider lashes. This doesn't give you spider lashes.

The Nivea firming lotion smells great, absorbs well and doesn't leave you greasy. Honestly ladies the firming part of any lotion is a topical temporary thing for a few hours after you apply it. I have read the science behind the claims and if any of it is true that remains to be seen while I am keeping an open mind I am practical and I don't think that a topical lotion will fix age.

You can grab a sample of Nivea here.

I received Kiss nails in my last Spring Fling box as well and honestly I am passing these again to one of my friends Tween's. I have an acrylic overlay on my own nails to keep them for splitting and I am not soaking that off to glue on nails that will rip mine. Its taken awhile to get my nails to the point where I don't have tips on them just a strengthener.

The tampons will also go to a friend as well I no longer need them as a member of the hysterectomy club LOL.  I did notice the are "lightly scented" and to each their own but scented items anywhere near a women's lady bits is generally not a good thing. Its a chemical for all intents and purposes that you are placing inside you.  That ups the risks for toxemia at the worst and a nasty yeast infection at the best.

The air freshner was from Paramount for the movie Labor Day - its peach pie and now every time I get in my car I want pie!

 I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.
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