Friday, June 27, 2014

We made it to Friday!!

Its been an interesting week to say the least. We have about a million projects going at work and that seems to be when every client also has an emergency.. It also appears 75% of my staff wants the same days off.. I hate when that happens because I hate having to say no to a day off request. Makes me feel mean.

So yesterday I went and had an eye exam for contacts. I have not even attempted to wear contacts since the early 90's. Everyone said try them again they have made vast improvements in them - you may find that you can actually wear them.  So I did and I am trying.

I am finding that I still have the whole dry eye thing happening even though I have the hydro gel type. Though it is a bad allergy season for me this year and I do now have allergy drops to try so we will see. I WANT to be able to wear them so bad. They have to WORK for me through. Today is actually day 1 so we will see. I did have them in for a few hours last night and watched some TV.

Today I am at work in front of my PC and not really sure why my eyes keep having to refocus over and over on my screens - that is flat annoying and starting a headache.. I did not bring my glasses with me this morning so unless I call D - this has to work.

Anyone else have issues adjusting to contacts or was it smooth sailing after you got used to something being right on your eye??  Maybe I should just skip this and go straight to Lasik lol..

In other news I joined a new 12 week fitness challenge that starts Monday - I committed to this before it even sunk in that it started 4 days BEFORE a holiday weekend whoomp whoomp.. Oh well.

I seem to do better when its a challenge environment. I do have a competitive nature so that really helps. I can join a group but unless its in a time formatted challenge it doesn't matter. Not exactly sure whats happened in the past 6 months - last summer I had motivation coming out my ears. Now I am all ohhh year that donut looks AWESOME gimme 2.. So hopefully this kick starts the clean eating and exercising again.. So this weekend will be the last of the junk for awhile...

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