Friday, June 20, 2014

Friday Letters

Dear Universe: Please pick on someone else or at least let up a bit I need to catch my breath.

Dear Family: When I warn you that I am at my limit and you keep pushing until I literally lose it - that's your damn fault. You received a warning shot it simply is not my fault you choose to ignore it. Don't act all surprised when I flip out and tell you exactly what I think and how I feel about what you have said, what you have done and what you are doing. You act like you are new here.

Further more, stop acting like you are entitled to information - personal information, that has nothing to do with you.  I don't HAVE to share a damn thing with you, I couldn't care less if I told the dog down the street but not you. I get to CHOOSE who I tell what to. It doesn't involve you, it doesn't effect you. You are not entitled to know just because you are related to me.

Dear Parents: Stop giving your kids the world, stop praising them when they every single little thing and for goodness sakes stop giving out trophies for simply showing up. All you are really doing is making the next generation feel like they don't have to work for anything, the world owes them everything and that they can run around acting like the Heir to the Massengill Fortune.

I am all for building self esteem but stop over inflating them so that when they hit the real world they #1 are ready for it. #2 they are not running around acting like little assholes and treating everyone like personal servants and #3 they don't get all butt hurt and need therapy when the world runs them the fuck over. Trust me I have a child from the Millennium generation and she treats everyone like shit unless you are from here generation and the rest of the world wants to slap the snot out of her.

Dear Ladies: stop saying I'm sorry for EVERYTHING


  1. Well put!
    I need to work on the Im sorry thing...I do it way too much.

  2. Thank you.. I am also guilty of saying "I'm sorry" way to much.


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