Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wednesday Confessions

I confess:

I blinked and Monday and Tuesday were gone. Before I even thought about updating the blog. Some weeks are easy when it comes to blogging; others not so much.  There is always a thin line on what to share and what is "too much".

That last week I may have hit my limit and then got pushed a bit therefore resulting in me having an ol' fashioned "hissy" fit in which everyone in a 5 mile radius got told off. My mother included. I don't feel bad about it ether..

Netflix sent me an email for another 30 day free trial so I activated that and D and I have been promptly sucked into Orange is the New Black... Holy shit that's a good show.

So many changes are going on right now that I'm honestly hanging on and taking it all day by day. Don't ask me whats going on or whats planned 2 days from now. I don't know - I am not there yet.

I wonder why I was in such a hurry to grow up and get out on my own. That really only lasts until I think back on teenage years and my parents; then I am glad I am no longer underage and at home.

I know that sounds mean but it is what it is and it wasn't all great. Yep there was good times but the bad times were really really bad. It does piss me off to no end however that my mother remembers things vastly different than how they went down, and some shit she "remembers" never even happened.

What I actually miss are my friends from childhood, my high school experiences with Drama Club and the fun things we used to do as teen's - like cruise the 'AV.

This is turning into "the summer of changes" - best thing to do is hold on and remember that if you are not changing you are not growing...

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  1. I have got to get on this Orange is the New Black train!

  2. Make sure you have several days in a row with nothing planned!! You are not going to want to go do anything else but heat up food and cue the next episode!


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