Monday, June 16, 2014

The One Where I finally Updated......

So its been a few weeks, I'd like to promise that its going to change but at this point all I can say is I'll try.

I was out 2 weeks ago for a business trip then a few days vacation, then last week was a hurricane that has me still catching my breath. I won't get into all the details of everything, lets just say that when you get to comfortable the Universe will knock you on your ass to send you a message.

I am trying to find ways to compartmentalize the stress from the stuff that touches me on the fringes but doesn't effect my actual daily living - I don't know how else to describe that.

Like my mother and my grown daughter fighting A LOT and loudly and frankly "meanly". Then I get phone calls from one or the other of them with ALL the glory details. This doesn't effect me directly but it does stress me out - badly. As they both bitch about the other to me. I can't change it its not mine to change yet they both think and act like I can do "something" about the other.

Neither of them fight fair and I can not mediate, that puts me in the middle and then either my daughter or my mother are pissed as an wet hen at ME. Forget that shit. Last weekend they had a major blow up that is still sending out shock waves. Send battle gear!!!

Another thing that has thrown me for a loop, a friend of mine who is not much older than I am had a stroke while at work. She was found unconscious in the ladies room. She is doing well but spent a week in ICU and has now been moved to a rehab hospital to relearn some basic skills, and some coping skills for the major life changes this will have. The day before she was at Zumba and now she's facing having to relearn basic everyday skills. That right there I can't wrap my mind around. That knocks the wind out of me.

As if all there were not enough for one week, the Universe looked down and said "I don't think you have enough to deal with, lets see you juggle" and tossed down a life changing hurdle that I am not yet ready to talk about or throw out there, I am still processing it myself.

Look around today, smile, say thank you to whomever you choose for what you have in your life, hug each other tighter and savor the moments..

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  1. wow you have a lot going on! I hope things calm down soon being in the middle is never pleasant.

  2. Thanks hon, I keep saying it HAS to get better! :-)


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