Saturday, June 16, 2007

Come on down...and get bitchslapped??

Rosie as a replacement for Bob Barker?? Is CBS smoking crack?

Apparently Bob Barker is endorsing his friend Rosie as a possible replacement for him on his game show. Now as a acquaintance of mine pointed out "why not, shes big, loud and larger than life." And he says there is not much room for politics to be brought into it. Ok point taken. However, after the talk shows and being able to say what she wanted when she wanted as long as it did not violate FCC regulations.

Personally, not that what I think matters one bit, I think the game show would bore her. I feel that she thrived on being controversial and under that making people think. No matter how you feel about Rosie, you have to give her the kudos for being passionate about her views, whether or not you agree.

I don't agree with most of her views on assorted topics, I liked the "Queen of Nice" myself and don't really know what to think of this angry Rosie. Which Rosie is the real Rosie? Or she she a combination of both, and the pendulum has just swung to far to one side at the moment and she needs to find her middle ground.

On the other hand maybe the game show would bring some of the nice back.

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