Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Trying to find old friends

On a whim I googled a old friend of mine from my early childhood. I came across several articles which mentioned her. I read about her high school reunion and found some recent schedules for a local school where we (ok mostly she as I was busy moving around the world) grew up.

I also came across several email addresses for her, or at least they could be her. So I shot off a quick email - one bounced back almost instantly. The other appears to be sent - Fingers crossed! If nothing else I did find an email address for her mother, I can always try that one.

Wow it would be so cool to reconnect with her. Its been years since I have had contact with her. I was married to the anti-christ and Peep was a small child. She had just had her first baby and was having a ball being a new mom. Then I left the aforementioned anti-christ and lost contact. Oh the things that have changed since those days. Peep is almost 16 I am remarried and have changed my name.

I hope its her and we reconnect. If for nothing else because we used to be inseparable and have over a decade to catch up on.

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