Monday, March 23, 2015

Annndddddd it's Monday

Really wasn't Friday like 7 minutes ago?? Its also the last full week of March - yeah let that sink in.. Oh and Easter is next weekend.  I'm telling y'all stop blinking!

Friday night was low key grab stay in catch up on some shows and just chill. It was a late night for me, I really need to get better at staying on schedule with my Melatonin on the weekends. It was about 2 am when I decided it was time to go to sleep.  Until then I worked on my genealogy. I have discovered that my ancestors really didn't have much to do but farm and fornicate! So far the biggest of the bunch is a couple with 17 children.  Wow just sayin...

I also have found a cousin - which for me is a HUGE deal.  I grew up with it just being me, mom and my dad. My sisters were all out of the house and being in the military we moved around .... A LOT.  I would not trade the travel for anything, but it did foster the feeling of a very small bubble.  There were no huge family holidays or gatherings. There was not a sense of camaraderie with me and and cousins or brothers and sisters. There was just me. Probably why I am so fiercely independent as an adult.  So the finding of a cousin and extended family thrilled me to no end. I am able to give her the info she needs on the younger generation and she can fill in the holes I have on the later generations.

Saturday was take your mother, her dog and 3 suitcases to the airport day. What a fucking circus. It ended up being a 5 hour ordeal and ending with a migraine. Short story - I had to purchase a different pet carrier from Southwest - even though the one my mom had originally bought DID fit the dimensions list on the website for the airline the agents determined it WOULD never fit under the seat. So now its take your mom 3 suitcases, her dog and and extra carrier to the airport day.

Mom had to have a wheelchair which meant I had to run back to the Southwest counter and get an escort pass so that I could get her and her dog and her carry on through TSA and boarded. Which now meant I had to go through TSA.  They made me take the dog out of the carrier, then picked me for a hand swab and wasn't happy the dog did NOT want shoved back in that tiny ass bag for the 3rd time. Finally get Mom through that and get her situated up front so the attendants will board her first. This little can you drop me off at the airport was a 5 hour long exercise in patience.  Thankfully getting her back on the plane at LAX is my sisters issue!

 Sunday I woke up with the migraine still alive and beating the hell out of my brain. I did a lot of lounging around and catching up on The Voice battle rounds. That afternoon I did a few loads of laundry and cleaned house. Thankfully it was a pretty laid back chill day. Especially with this week gearing up to be a busy balls to the walls week.

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