Tuesday, March 03, 2015

March Goals

Generally first on the list would be Spring cleaning and decluttering, but since we just moved that is done ... silver linings y'all!

I am working on unplugging - seems to me that I am to plugged into Facebook these days.  I'm not ditching it all together, but I do think that I may remove it from my phone thus cutting my constant checking of it.

I seem to remember a time when I only checked Facebook every few days when I got on the computer. My time used to be spent reading, working on projects and connecting with people on a 3D basis. The internet is nice to keep in touch with people who no longer live near you but it shouldn't be a substitute for ALL interactions.

My goal is to reconnect with people in real time in real life and not just on the internet. I want to read and craft. I want to get back to working out. I need to refocus on my career, sharpen my skills, develop new ones.  Be a better employee, be a better boss.

I want to work on my organization. Both at work and at home. Not having to search for things leads to more time to do other things. Besides, mentally you feel better when you have all of your shit together.  Stress levels are down when you know where things are and don't have a last minute panic when you need a particular item.

As cliche' as it is you only have one life to live people, are you living it or are you living to die??


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