Thursday, March 12, 2015

Friday on Thursday ~ Talking Decorating & Weekend Plans

Bring on the 3 day weekend! I am so ready. Especially since I feel cheated out of last weekend !!

It does look like it will be a busy one however. Friday I have lunch with my mom and I want to pop into the nail salon. Saturday D and I are headed over to Missouri to hit a crepe restaurant for lunch and just to see what we can find over that way. Sunday is lunch with the girls. Fingers crossed on that one - last 3 times we had to postpone.

I also want to go see if I can find something for the bathroom to maximize the tiny space in there.  I am thinking of a ladder shelf - easiest way to expand without a huge foot print. I am however going to need someone to explain to me why they are so freaking expensive! It's less wood than a traditional book shelf yet the price is like Bob Vila made the damn thing himself!  I also have space to hang some shelving above the toilet, I am just not sure I want to do that yet. Visions of things falling in the potty and all.

I also want to get pictures up on the walls so it won't echo anymore. I want to do a gallery wall for those.  The kitchen is where I am having issues. I have typical kitchen type things to put up, however the new place is an open concept so the wall is shared with the living room. There is a bar that separates the two rooms, but since it is not closed off and you can see right into the kitchen I am debating on if putting something up that is so "kitcheny" is the way to go. I may just go get something neutral for that wall.

I have two more boxes that are sitting in the living room I need to figure out what to do with.  At that point everything will be put away or have been re-homed. WHEW I will be glad to not see another box for a long time!

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