Sunday, January 19, 2020

Currently - January 2020

Why does January seem like it is a decade long?? It's like January 74th by now, right? Christmas is over bring me SPRING!! I am tired of being cold and wearing 57 layers.

My first quarter at Purdue is going well. Its just stressful balancing pre-law classes with work and family time. These days my reading material comprises Constitutional law and Supreme Court cases which is why I have not taken part in an SUYB posts in a while, I can't remember the last time I read anything. I did finish an audiobook during my commutes to the office and home.

I am also starting the packing process to move in March. My theory is that the more I can pre-do now the easier the process will be in March as I will just be starting a new round of classes. We have not found a house yet, so the move is a temporary move. I just didn't want to one sign another year lease or two pay more for a six-month lease.  I will say house-hunting only looks fun on an HGTV show.  Just me? Ok..  I have learned that I really want more of a turn key property - I don't have the patience for "fixer-upper" that doesn't come with Chip and Joanna to drive it!

Another thing I have had little time for is TV, but I have really gotten into the Netflix original You.. Oh My! Anyone else watching this?

My Christmas tree and decor are still up - because SCHOOL. Considering just wrapping it in saran wrap or tossing it over the balcony and shutting the door!

The Jeep needs an oil change - again time.  Hell, I even stopped getting my nails done and my roots are waving for attention.  I started doing my own dip nails at home because I can do that at 11 at night in my jammies while re-watching the seminar for one of my classes to prep for the quiz.  

What are y'all up to while we wait for it to warm up???

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