Saturday, April 21, 2007

A Spring Saturday and some other news

Hot damn spring is here!!!!! I love warmer weather.. it is no secret that I live in the Midwest because my darling husband loves it here. I am a southern girl who does not fair well in the Midwest winters.. *mumble fucking hate snow* So when the weather calms down and the flowers start peeking out, the grass turns green and the warm breezes come to town I am a happy girl..

Today I am just chilling at home, got the windows open its 77 degrees out. The oil burner is going with a cucumber melon scent and I am puttering around the house. Little surfin the web, little cleaning, baked some brownies music is playing on the ol pc.. I am HAPPY!!!

In other news, I spent a few nights ago surfin myspace. I put up a page ages ago then forgot it existed. The other night I had a friend request and remember that it was there so I went looking. I ended up on my high school alumni site and re-discovered an old friend.

How I let 15 years go by without even attempting to reconnect with old friends is beyond me. We had a blast talking last night on the phone and just catching up and walking down memory lane. Looking back high school was pretty much a blast and not the tragic drama it seemed back then LOL.

So readers, a tip from me to you, reconnect with an old friend. Maybe you have their address, phone number or email and once in awhile think about dropping them a line and seeing whats up and just have not done so. I know we are all busy, but stop for 5 minutes and drop them a line. You may be delighted.

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