Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Transformation Tues

You don't realize exactly how far you have come until you see pictures.  Even when your jeans change size it doesn't click.  The difference 18 months makes.. The left was taken Christmas 2011 and the right at the End of October 2013.

Its THE reason when people say "I am not seeing any difference for all my work, why do I bother?" I tell people to take a side by side comparison. Especially if they have been working on changing shape. The scale will not always accurately show the changes.

The scale has not moved much for me in the past year, but my jeans are smaller, my shirts are smaller and I am taking up less space LOL. I have more energy (most days) some of the health issues I had are pretty much gone, only to show up on occasion when I eat a lot of what I know I shouldn't or I stop moving so much. I haven't done any fad diets or eaten frozen meals. I have taken supplements but not on a regular occurrence.

What I have done is 85% clean eating and working out.

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