Friday, November 15, 2013

Mid November So soon.... YIKES!

Can we slow time down just a tad - Kthanksbye... To say I am NOT ready for the Holiday's is an understatement. This year time has just gotten away from me with everything that has been going on.

Frankly anymore they are just to much pressure - the perfect pies, the perfect gift, oh I just need to get 1 more thing in case the neighbors come over. I'm exhausted thinking about it. This year I think I am going to bake, craft a few things and maybe give out coupons ie 1 evening of babysitting...  The thing that always stops me with that idea though is the thought "oh but they are going to be disappointed" which just points back to whats so wrong anymore with the "holidays".

I caught a lot of flack last year for not even putting up a Christmas Tree, psst I am not putting one up this year either.. I hung stocking and we had a Norfolk pine on the kitchen table. It was nice to have it low key and not have the "I have to put all this up" dread come January.

But enough of that - I am overwhelmed enough at the moment!

I have gotten some emails with some questions - several which are repeated so I thought I'd answer y'all here.

Q. How tall are you
A. 5'11 - Which yes this made for an interesting high experience. By them however I was used to the staring and whispers since I have always been taller than my friends and some adults!

Q. What do you do for a living.
A. Sorry I don't talk about work on the internets other than a slight mention that its been a busy week/month etc.

Q. What foundation are you using.
A. Honestly I don't spend my $ on foundation - I use Covergirl in Creamy Natural and I follow that with Cover Girl powder in the same color - I spend my money on eye shadow, liner and blush.

Q. Do you tan?
A. HAHAHAHA Nope I am as pale as they come - I glow in the dark. In the summer time my arms get some color because I pretty much live in tank tops. I did do a small stint in tanning beds in high school until I ran into a woman who looked more distressed than my purse. She had spent a life time in the sun and looked 15 years older than she was.

I will toss more Q & A on the blog next week... Have a great weekend!

Look Ma I wore COLOR!! And about 15 layers I'm COLD I need to refine that look though, the layers make me look bigger. Yes the spiked hair is back - I  MISSED it. Its my favorite.

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