Monday, November 18, 2013

Easy to say - not so easy to do...

This popped up in my Facebook feed Friday night - and the wheels started turning.  Its really easy to say "forgive them" whoever they are, but really HOW do you put that into practice?  Even if you forgive, doesn't whatever was done still play in your mind? Isn't that what the whole Forgive but don't forget line is about? So then is it really forgiveness. 

Sure somethings are easy to forgive - but aren't those infractions the ones that don't really eat at you? Are they not the simple things that most don't dwell on for long anyway? Which then begs the question again HOW. How do you forgive the big things - the things that really hurt deep down and leave scars on the heart and soul - those are the things that keep you from truly being at peace do they not?

Does anyone really ever forgive, or do you just lock those hurts and wrong doings away in the back of your mind only pulling them out every once in awhile to poke at them and test to see if they still hurt? Usually done after a bottle of wine or in the midst of a pity party when it seems like nothings going your way.

Do you find that no matter what you do there are just something that you can never forgive someone for?

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