Friday, November 08, 2013

Welcome to Friday ... and Shit That Made Me Laugh This Week

Shit that made me laugh this week:

This is an email between me and D yesterday when I sent him a Groupon for cupcakes.. $10 for a dozen minis delivered to your door..

D: Why?
K: Why what - LMAO? <~ This by the way is always  the proper response when someone questions baked goods..
D: Why cupcakes?
K: It was in my email - they look good
D: Ok
K: I didn't buy them - just showing you - they look though
D: LOL I was wondering why you were cupcake shopping :-)
K: LMAO I am window shopping cupcakes, I did however buy a black sweater like my teal one on clearance from Kohl's online. (Yes this is how my ADD mind works and he is used to it.)
D: Abrupt hard left turn from cupcakes to sweaters
K: If I eat the cupcakes I won't fit in the sweater  (because you know Joey doesn't share food)
D: True, that could happen in theory. (See here he's expecting Joey to share food)

Other things that made me laugh this week:

Fashion websites that lose their shit when the famous wear an outfit more than once... REALLY?? Regular people do that weekly. Stop acting like "OMG they are starting a trend".

The same sites that freak when a star cuts her hair off...

Vitamins with a calorie count... WTF its a vitamin dude..

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