Monday, November 11, 2013

What's Your Damage Heather....

I think I need a weekend to recover from my weekend.. and it wasn't even a party weekend..

Saturday I was at my mother's to help clean the basement - yeah kill me now.  The problem is everything's a treasure. SOOOO her idea of "cleaning the basement" is more of a move this pile from here to over there... That is getting NOTHING accomplished. I did toss out an entire box I still had there and have plans to pick up a few more items that I had stored there or she is giving me..

I get WHY everything is  treasure. She was raised by parents who survived the Great Depression. Getting why however doesn't make it any LESS annoying as hell.  One problem with this frame of mind however is that she's downsizing and most of it has to go - it just has to. You can not fit a house of stuff (that includes a full basement) into a 2 bedroom apartment and not expect to purge the hell out of that house. Compounding the issue is that not only does she have 71 years of her treasures in there she has 72 years of her mother's treasures in there. Total of 143 years of CRAP.  Yet she gets upset that I have 3 boxes and 2 Rubbermaid tubs at her house. Say what? I counted 14 tubs of YARN just yarn. Full tubs too. Next time she tells me shes running to Hobby Lobby for yarn  I'm locking her in her house!

Saturday night D and I headed into Downtown for some Pho. The bowls are huge.. My lefts overs filled a 2 quart container and I swear I ate a good bit of it..

Sunday was the my Sunday to go into the office and do my bimonthly paperwork so I spent about 4 hours at work rocking out and doing paperwork. About 2 I left to go hit the nail salon and do the grocery shopping. Holy hell Wal-Mart looked like there was a massive natural disaster on its way. Everyone was there and NOTHING was on the shelves. 

Sunday evening I hung out with the Lil Man then took a last look at my paperwork before it was due Monday morning bright and early.. Now I just want a nap LOL.

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