Monday, November 25, 2013

Weekend Wrap up

Last weekend we shampooed the carpets and this weekend I put my home office back together, previously it was my daughter and grandson's bedroom.

Ignore the bike tire, the bike is not staying its just temporary.. I have some of my dad's stuff up on the walls. The laptop is hooked into the external monitor so that when I am working I have dual screens, which makes life easier..

 I posted one of the desk pics on FB and Instagram, D did let me know that by posting it I posted nudity on both social networks as the picture of the lady is a plaster 3D picture made to look like paper mache' mounted and framed. It was my dad's and very well done. It is one of my favorites.

We also picked up some new plant life to spruce up the living room.. I did a happy dance when I checked over the receipt and realized that the spider plant was on sale for $2.75.. Almost went back and bought the other 2 that were there..

While all this was happening Raz did what he does best ........... nap... and the glass of wine is how I ended Sunday while doing billing as D watched Walking Dead.. I must say I do like being able to go into my own space and work on things instead of fighting for space on the couch with Raz my laptop, mouse and paper work all while trying to ignore Walking Dead, because I hate gruesome shows.

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