Thursday, November 07, 2013

Throwback Thursday and the Start of Hair Hating

I was thinking I was 3 or 4 here.. Now that I put some more thought into it I had to be 3. What you don't see is that my hair was down past my backside and shortly after this photo my mother cut it off to my ears.  That was natural curl that was loose enough to fall perfectly. After she cut if off - not so much. Its now morphed into a frizzy, wavy mess. Which has ended in years of hating my hair.. Thanks Mom.

These days I keep it cut off in order to not have an intense desire to shave it all off and spend a small fortune in wigs! I do go back and forth with growing it and wacking it back off.. Thank goodness my stylist loves me and is a personal friend, by now anyone else would have just strangled me by now.

I'm forever texting her pictures of hair and asking what do you think? Even right after she's given me a new style.. Sorry April - I do love you Sister.. Just last night as she was cutting it shorter just 3 weeks after we only "took a little off" so that it was a longer pixie, like Alice in Breaking Dawn's style, but was driving me batty and 2 weeks after she took it red. I looked at her smiled and said "after winter this shits going back blonde" she laughed and said I figured.

Thankfully it just hair and easy to change!!!

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