Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Photo Dump

I got asked why I always wear dark clothing and was it a "gothy" reason. Nope I just have always liked darker colors. Even when I am not wearing black, navy, or grey I go toward the jewel tones. 

This is why people in the Midwest deal with crappy winters... 

I saw this at Wal-Mart ... I WILL go get one for my office. Everyone needs a 2 and a half foot tall Darth Vader! 

I went to pick up some new supplements and saw this... I will admit to laughing like a boy in 4th grade who's teacher just "pooted" at the blackboard.

This is what I picked up to see if it helps my knees better than the glucoseamine - so far YES it does. Side benefit - my skin is also seriously benefiting.

This is the back of my couch - He is slowing killing that cushion.. Though as I was told on Facebook by a friend - I won't think about that couch once it is gone.. Just my baby on it.. She's right which is how it's easier to ignore the leg of the couch he has shredded as well.. 

Mostly clean eating! 
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