Wednesday, November 06, 2013

So What...

Life After I Dew

Woooohoooo its Wednesday...

So What If .....

I am over the red hair already. Yep I miss being blonde.

If I wore Nikes to the office today - my knees are killing me - dress shoes were OUT.

If Aztec leggings are IN - I think they look "off".  Same with the "bow shirts" those look like you are sporting genitalia on your back.. I had hoped by now that trend was over.

If I just jumped on CandyCrush - I was bored and surfing games in the Play Store and decided to download it.

If our complex has a gym  - I am still wanting a REAL gym membership at a place where the equipment is taken care of and doesn't walk out the door with a douchbag.

What are you so what about this Wednesday?

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  1. Anonymous9:17 AM

    candycrush is sooo addicting! good game choice!

  2. LOL yes it is ... now I just need some of the people who were blowing up my facebook feed with it to help a girl out so I can open the next level..

  3. Great blog! Found you through the So What Wednesday link up. Stop by and say hi sometime!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  4. Thank you! I'll stop by and see you..



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