Monday, December 16, 2013

The First 5 days ...

After the weekend are the hardest ;-)

I did a bunch of nothing this weekend.. Friday I had a massive amount of tooth pain. I have a root canal gone rouge. Now I have known for a while now its gone and the tooth needs extracted - I however am a big ass baby when it comes to the dentist.. I have a HUGE phobia to the point where they medicate me just to do an exam.  That is a lovely byproduct of Army dentists..

Thankfully I do have a nice dentist and I called her office Friday and they just called me in antibiotics but told me it HAS to come out. They know I was trying to get to the first of the year and understand.  Though its now Monday and it STILL hurts and my face is still swollen it may just have to happen now.. In order for that to happen though I have to coordinate the appointment with D getting a day off to take me then babysit me after as they are going to sedate me to extract it. They are worried since the filling came out that it will shatter when trying to pull it... I'll wait until to tomorrow if there is no change I'll see about scheduling an appointment..

Since I was not feeling the best I pretty much just chilled all weekend, I read two books  and lounged on my new bed - Loving the memory foam mattress. I did venture out for a few hours Saturday night to go play Catch Phrase with friends - we had a good time there but by the end of it my meds had worn off and I was more than ready to go home.  

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