Thursday, December 05, 2013

December 5th and I am already over it

There I said it, I am over it. Its only the 5th of December and I am Christmased out.  Seems like its been dragged out for months now thanks to the retailers starting earlier and earlier each year.

This year I noticed Christmas things out before Halloween. So now it feels like its been 3 months of the "holidays" already and I am pretty much "meh" at this point. Which honestly is sad. I get that its a make or break season for retailers - but for fucks sake knock it off so damn early. It does you no good if by the time Dec 15th comes around people are so sick of of it all they shouty and stabby.

I really do feel that the day AFTER Thanksgiving is soon enough.  Unless reined in I am sure that retailers will have their Black Friday sales with the Labor day sales.

I AM glad that the radio stations here have chilled on the 24 hour Christmas music. For a few years the major stations around here started the 24 hour 7 days a week onslaught of Christmas music on November 1st. There really is only so many times you can hear "Christmas Shoes" before being placed on a 5150 hold - Just saying...

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