Friday, December 20, 2013

Friday Odds & Ends

I opened blogger yesterday fully intending to blog - then the day went nuts ending with a call that my father in law was back in the hospital and they were inserting a temporary pacemaker to regulate his heart rate. He is doing better now but that was not a call I expected to receive yesterday afternoon.

My 22 year old is beyond upset with me since I banned her from going to the hospital, shes had a cold for weeks now and as of Monday her doctor said she still had it AND her ear infection. I do not think that ANY one on the CCU unit needs exposed to that, she fully believes shes not contagious. I fully DO NOT care - sniffles ='s keep your ass out.

MMM Christmas should be great fun now that "I stirred the drama" cue eye rolls here.. SO old SO over it..

I am like this close to being done with my Christmas shopping - will finish this weekend..

I did call and get an appotiment with the oral surgeon - I go in Monday for a consult - read bill my insurance for an extra visit especially since it HAS to be extracted and they scheduled surgery for the 31st - yep New Years Eve .. its all they had open with all the college kids home on break wanting to get in before they go back to class.. Meh no worries - ring in the new year with wine or with opiates its all good!

Anyone else still shopping? New Years plans?

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