Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Goodbye 2013!! Goals instead of Resolutions

If this rambles a bit you will have to forget me.. I had my oral surgery this morning and am a bit loopy on pain meds.. Yes they gave me the good stuff LOL.

All went well I am just sore. Part 1 of 3 down WOOT!!!

I don't really do resolutions - they just don't really work. Statistically only 10% of New Years Resolutions are ever kept. Truth is because they really are unrealistic. Most are set up to fail as they don't take into account real life. This article by Dean Forbes sums it up pretty well Goals vs Resolutions.

With that said in 2014 the goal I will strive to achieve are.

1. Take better care of myself. I am staring 40 in the face, I need to get my physical, a baseline mammogram, I need to know my cholesterol levels, hormone levels and my thyroid levels. The recommendation is to get your physical on your birthday so there is no way you will forget. Honestly I will give myself until June to get this accomplished.

As part of taking better care of myself - I strive to get more sleep, better sleep. It feels like you can pack it all in and do more on less sleep, but truthfully you work better when you are at 100% which means sleeping for the amount of hours that is right for you. Not everyone needs 8 hours some need more some less. I do my best with about 8. This includes weekends.

I need to stop losing and finding the same 7 pounds. Its unhealthy, its discouraging and basically it pisses me off.  I am not a slave to the scale by any means, but I can tell based on how comfortable my jeans fit. When I am higher I am just plain uncomfortable. My back bothers me more, I get more intense headaches, and when you have a headache disorder that is no bueno.  My goal is to workout about 3 times a week. Which is totally doable I just need to DO IT.  My goal is to get more into weight lifting and kick boxing and to go back to mostly clean eating. I think 3 days a week is a good start and build from that.

I also am making the goal to stop talking negatively about myself. The things I say to myself I would NEVER say to my friends so why the hell am I saying those things to myself about me?

2. My goal is to unplug more often, there is no earthly reason to always be plugged into Twitter and Facebook. It gets more and more under my skin to get together in a group and everyone is face down on the cell phone interacting with people on the internet instead of those right next to them.  We ALL need to be more present in the moment. The first step for this to declare dinner time a NO PHONE ZONE. We go back to eating at the dinner table and having conversations with the ones who are right there with you in 3D.

In my profession I am always connected I have to be. In that way I can't just disconnect it all and spend 30 days or a year with no social media or internet like you see people doing experiments on. However I can ban them from meals and greatly reduce my "consumption" at social gatherings.

3. Just say no to drama and fixing things for people. I find that I get sucked into drama massively to the point where I get stressed and anxious as if it were my own. NO MORE. I can be emphatic and caring without taking that shit on as mine. Its not mine and I will NOT own it. Its yours YOU OWN IT. I will listen to a point I will be empathetic I will even give suggestions on dealing with it. I will not listen to it ad nauseam or at work. You can call me for an emergency. However the fact you are in a facebook fight with your dog walker is NOT an emergency. Call me if the dog walker is bleeding and has to go to the ER that qualifies.  If you are manufacturing your own drama repeatedly do not expect a pat on the head and a "you poor thing, life does hate you, I'm so sorry" you will no longer get it. Besides its doing you no favors. You can expect a  "wow well hows that treating you?" or a "bless you heart, now fix the mess you made".

4. Advance my career. While I do not plan to go back to school and take on yet another student loan. There are things I can do online for free. I love what I do but there is always room to improve and advance.

What are your goals for 2014???

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