Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Yay its Wednesday!!

Midweek baby!!!  I love my job - but like the other 99% of American I'm living for the weekend!!!

First off shout out to my Sister-in-law today is her birthday - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!

So last night I was perusing the race pictures from Saturday night - found our finish line pics - I also found on the website the list of upcoming events.. There's a 10k in Sept.. WOOT my first 10k.. Yep I am registering on Friday.. I also committed to walking Strides for a Cure (Breast Cancer walk) in October with  my Sister-in-law. Which is the first 5k I did that got this all started.. I had a blast doing it and kept going.

I went home last night and walked 1.5 miles on the treadmill then hit the weights - it was all I had last night so I'll take it. It may not have been much but I was still doing laps around anyone sitting on the couch ;-)

Tossing around the idea of going to see Rock of Ages this weekend - not for Tom Cruise but for the music - the 80's and 90's are my all time favorite generation for music - I grew up on hairbands and frankly miss the monster ballad!!!

So in honor of Wayback Wednesday...  One of the best  Monster Ballads of ALL TIME!!!

And race finish line pics - have a great day!

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